JB 5 minutes cardio workout #Justbelieve

Published December 22, 2013 by jolandabeuving @ Justbelieve

Ja ja, hier is dan zoals beloofd: de 5 minutes cardio workout! Om toch even iets te bewegen tijdens deze fijne dagen 😉 3 oefeningen, 10 herhalingen en hoeveel sets redt jij? (Dus hoeveel keer lukt het jou om die 3 oefeningen X 10 te doen?) ben benieuwd! Succes! Natascha en José bedankt!

Jolanda Beuving
💫Just Believe 💫

JB 5 minutes cardio workout #Justbelieve

🇬🇧 Just as I promised: The 5 minutes cardio workout! To do something at those beautiful days 😉 3 exercises, 10 reps and how many sets can you do? Please let me know! I am very curious about that! Good luck and Natascha and Jose thanks!

Jolanda Beuving
💫Just Believe 💫



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