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Respect! Obese….

Published July 13, 2014 by jolandabeuving @ Justbelieve

Net de eerste nieuwe uitzending van Obese gekeken. Respect! Alle valkuilen, terugvallen, opnieuw beginnen, motivatie en voor jezelf kiezen! Zo herkenbaar bij de mensen die ik help naar hun (ons) doel toe. Nogmaals RESPECT To All of You!

Tonight I see the first new season from Obese! Respect! All the emotions, fall downs, starting all over, motivation, team work and choosing for yourself! I see this by the people I help with the goal “we” want to reach! I said it before: RESPECT to you all! #chris #heidi #proud #goals #motivation


Happy B-Day duo Mister Universe buddy!

Published July 11, 2014 by jolandabeuving @ Justbelieve

Prachtig om te zien dat mijn duo partner Yorick weer een mooi jaar erbij heeft! Van optredens voor groot publiek, het winnen met onze duo: Miss en Mister Universe! En nu zijn eigen PT Studio! Happy By-Day Yorick! Van Miss en Mister Universe naar Mudamasters naar….. 😘 #dreams #Justbelieve #missandmisteruniverse

So proud to see that my duo buddy Yorick has a new year on his list. Good health and happy times makes every birthday worth it! He did big performances over the world and together we won Miss and Mister Universe! And now he got his own PT studio. Really proud at him! Happy B-Day Yorick! From Miss and Mister Universe to Mudmasters to.. 😘 #dreams #Justbelieve #yorick #missandmisteruniverse